Cli-Fi: cautionary tales to prompt action

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Cli-fi, or climate fiction, also known as Eco-fiction, is a relatively new genre of literature that sets narratives in an often dystopian world affected by climate change. I love it because fiction can be used to convey complicated climate change … Continued

Communicating to a young audience

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Ever since the early 1700s, when the first books for young people were written by authors including John Newbery, Thomas Boreman, and Thomas and Mary Cooper, communicators have endeavoured to target young audiences with specific products.   Non-fiction writing for … Continued

How to attract research funding: Part 2

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Communication was a key theme at the 21st AMOS National Conference, held in Brisbane in July. Communication can raise the profile of research. It can help ensure research results reach a wider audience and hence have greater impact. Communication can … Continued

Beginners guide to editing

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For starters, there’s editing and editing. And editing. Three forms really: substantive, copy and proofing. For most clients, ‘editing’ means copy editing. That is, reading through a document and checking that it makes sense and reflects what the writer probably meant. Copy … Continued

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