Ouch! Feeling the record heat

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Last summer, temperatures around the world showed an unusual upward spike. Globally, February was more than a degree warmer than usual, breaking the record set in 2015 that had itself broken the record set in February 2014. A stable climate … Continued

Innovation and Australian inventions

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Australians are great inventors. We have a history of ideas and thinking up new ways of doing things. Perhaps our inventiveness comes from the fact we have unique problems. Or maybe it’s our geographic isolation: in the past, if we … Continued

The value of local knowledge

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When a coastal town faces increased flooding, what comes next must come from the community. The most important thing for Councils when planning adaptation to climate change is to identify the risk to people, and then work with the community … Continued

CoastExchange: Another brick in the seawall

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Scientell is proud to be helping the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) launch their online discussion about coastal adaptation, CoastExchange. You can sign up at https://connect.coastadapt.com.au/. The purpose of this virtual community of adaptors is to provide a forum … Continued

Observations on observers

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With hundreds of climate scientists meeting in Melbourne this week for the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society conference, it is worth reflecting that climate research owes a great debt to voluntary weather observers who, through their careful documentation of weather, … Continued

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